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My name is Hamza

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I'm a freelance writer and marketer with over 20 years' experience of software engineering and business.


That makes me the ideal guy to write your web copy, email marketing, sales proposals and technical docs.


You know, that stuff you hate doing.


And whether you're the CEO of a growing startup or a one-man development shop, your time is worth far more than writing help docs, FAQs, case studies and blog posts.


So let me take care of it all for you: communicating with your clients in an entertaining, friendly and professional way that is 100% focused on increasing your sales.


I will increase your sales by communicating what's important in the best possible way to your clients and prospects.

Hamza. Business Writing for Tech Companies.

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Reach out if you need any Business or Technical Writing for your project, product or company.

No job too salesy, no job too geeky.


Case Studies

Good case studies on your website or brochures are THE BEST social proof you can use


App Store Writing

The right description text - and even Release Notes! - can significantly increase your conversion rates


Company Profile

Stand out from the crowd with a Company Profile that perfectly captures your USP, value prop and company culture



FAQs are boring to write, but you need them. They reduce support calls and increase conversion rates